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Jonathan Bailey is an anti-gentrification activist and labor organizer running a campaign independent of the influence of corporations, real estate, and police money in New York City Council District 26


Jonathan loves Queens. As an anti-gentrification activist, he has been fighting to keep our rents and personal housing taxes low and prevent the privatization of public housing. The Great Recession left him a homeless teenager, which has given him a deep commitment to fighting institutions that feed on homelessness. As an executive committee member of Justice for All Coalition and a member of Queens Anti-Gentrification Project, he has fought against upzoning and was deeply involved with organizing the largest town halls on Amazon HQ2 fight, eventually placing him and Queens DSA on the front of the New York Times. 


During his time as Queens DSA membership coordinator, Jonathan joined the fight as the data entry team lead to elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, to Congress in NY-14. 


As someone who has first-hand experience with police violence and has been jailed for being too poor to pay off a traffic ticket, Jonathan is committed to creating the changes our society needs. His activism fighting to stop police violence with an Elected Civilian Review Board has helped bring our city closer to democratizing police accountability into the people's hands.


Jonathan loves to see his neighbors glow. As a cofounder of Amazonians United NYC, he's helped his coworkers win access to the Safe and Sick Leave Amazon illegally denied, and win paid time off. His dedication to building collective power for the common good was also key in him and other workers shutting down the Woodside warehouse to protect workers and prevent the spread of COVID-19 into Queens neighborhoods.


This past year, Jonathan has been serving as Queens DSA Co-Chair, focusing on building new avenues for the movement's internal democracy. He recently stepped down to preserve the movement's class independence while he runs for city council in district 26.

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What We Are Fighting for:


Peace in Our Streets

  • Fight to end police violence. Give New York the power to hold police accountable with an Elected Civilian Review Board (ECRB)

  • New York has spent $898.10 per capita on policing. That’s more than any of the top 25 most populous counties and 4 times the amount of the least paying large county. We need to reduce police spending and funnel money to programs that reduce crimes of poverty.

  • Develop a proactive approach to violence reduction to replace our current carceral approach.

  • Create a bail voucher program to end short sentences that can increase recidivism.

  • Close Rikers without building 4 new Jails across the city.

  • Make the NYPD pay for police misconduct instead of saddling New Yorkers with the bill.

Land Use & Housing Justice for All

  • Pass an anti warehousing tax that discourages landlords from manipulating rent and housing prices, and lowers taxes on homeowners.

  • Pass commercial rent stabilization to support small businesses and workers cooperatives.

  • Support the creation of community land trusts and other social housing.

  • Increase NYCHA Resident power and funding to prevent privatizations like RAD.

  • Prevent COVID related evictions and fight for mortgage and rent forgiveness.

A Just Economy for

New York Workers

  • Support a Green New Deal for New York City


  • Create a Workers Bill of Rights that establishes:

    • Paid family leave

    • A “dependent contractor” class that allows collective bargaining for contractors and gig  workers

    • Just Cause protections to fight unfair termination

    • Predictive scheduling laws that end unfair scheduling

    • Inflation-adjusted minimum wage

These policies are a starting point for building out a policy platform informed by members of our community. If you are interested in being able to advance your sentiments through the campaign,                 

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